Wednesday, July 23, 2014

{Kinda} Wordless Wednesday- Christmas 2012

Because we all know what Christmas is like, I figured I would just share a few pictures with some captions instead of writing out a huge long post.
Christmas Eve tradition- a new ornament for the tree

And she loved it!
And hung it on the tree herself (well, with a little help)
Pooch was waiting for Santa too!
Lots of presents

Even the pooch opens his own

She LOVES her books 
"This opening presents is tough work... let me just lay right here" 
Over to Nonny and Papa's for Christmas in her pretty dress (and more present opening) 

Up next... Nashville

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Charlotte... Here we Come!!!

In December we FINALLY were able to meet our niece Madison. She is just 3 weeks older than Payton and we hadn't been able to get together yet. It was a VERY short trip (drive out on Friday, come back on Sunday... but it was well worth it!! We got there reallllly late so the girls didn't get a chance to meet until the morning. But after that, there was no separating them! (and still is the same way when we are together)

Saturday morning started with opening Christmas presents.

Payton bought Madison some bracelets... every little girl needs some accessories and Payton at the time was obsessed with bracelets. Why not get Madison in on that?
Then we went outside to play. Notice the girls aren't bundled up. It was SO nice!! It felt like fall not winter!
Madison showed Payton how to go down the slide on her stomach. Payton really wasn't too sure about it at first. Look at the look on her face here!
But she eventually went and enjoyed it. Though she only did it one or two times and decided that was enough of that for one day!
Madison was hysterical going down though. She laughed and giggled the whole way!

We went out to dinner that night and then the guys left to go to the FSU game. Tim had my camera so I have no pictures, but Sarah and I took the girls home and they played until bed time. In matching pajamas. The next morning we tried to take pictures of the girls before eating and heading on our way. Pictures.Were.A.Disaster!

 But look at the love these two have for each other!
By far the best short trip we have taken. It was extremely fast but so worth it.

Up next... Christmas '12... it will be mostly pictures!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

{Kinda} Wordless Wednesday- Snowy Nights '12

As you can tell, we had a LOT of fun in the winter of 2012. The next thing we did was to go to Snowy Nights at the Memphis Botanic Gardens. This was (to us) a hidden gem. Clearly since we aren't from Memphis we didn't know all there was to do. Our friends invited us along with them and off we went. But first... we stopped at the mall to give Santa one more go...
Notice how happy she is!!!
That is because we didn't in fact go near Santa. (At least, I don't think we did.) And who would want to intentionally upset that happy face? After this, we were off...

Snowy Nights was really a ton of fun for Payton and something I wish we would have done again before moving. Especially since she is older. There was a ton for the kids to do. Here are just a few of the MANY pictures I took.
Walking out... into the "snow"
Pictures of these two like this, will NEVER get old
Payton trying to catch the "snow"
A little hula hoop action
More snow catching 
In a little tree house with James
Playing in the "snow"... I crack up looking at the big bags on her feet that she had to wear. She probably could have fit her whole body inside it! 

Up next... our trip to Charlotte to meet Madison! 

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Starry Nights '12

Payton loves Christmas and all things that come with it, including the lights and decorations. In 2011 we drove through Starry Nights and she was just amazed. I really wanted to go on a night that we could walk through, so Tim made sure to schedule himself off on one of the nights and we went for it. We put Payton in her thick footie pajamas, bundled her up, and off we went.

Considering it was cold (nowhere near Buffalo cold, but cold) and it was later, she was really good. In fact... she was really happy. She really enjoyed pushing her own stroller through the path...
There is one area where there is fake snow, so we stopped for a picture and a snack there. Tim got a chocolate covered Oreo for himself...
And Payton took it.
We ended up taking the wrong way back to the car and it was a LONG walk. So we had to stop to take some breaks and let Payton out of her stroller and/or out of our arms. But it was still really fun and I am so glad we did the walk through once before moving!

Up next... Snowy Nights '12

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