Friday, February 5, 2016

Last days at Disney 2014- Downtown and MK again

Before Sean and Ashleigh headed home, we all went to ESPN zone to watch the Bills game... which meant we were all decked out in our Bills gear. And yes, Payton still had her princess bun in. Afterwards, we went to Downtown Disney for some shopping and picture posing... not many pictures from this day... 

And then our last day in Disney... we spent in none other than the Magic Kingdom again. Because when you have a little one, that is where you spend the most time. And after our first trip with her in 2013, we knew that our next trip would have multiple days here. There is just so much for kids to do and her favorites are here.

We FINALLY were able to get her to meet Anna and Elsa that day, so her shirt and skirt were only appropriate..
But before the Princesses, she met Tink.
took some pictures...
And then finally made it to Anna and Elsa. She really was excited for them!

It is rare that we are ever able to be in Disney when there are holiday decorations, so we had to take a couple pictures.

And we sat to see the parade...
And I actually really like this parade.

We did all the things you typically do in the Magic Kingdom... rides, characters, pictures, food, etc. All in all it was a great trip to Disney, as usual. Even when there are rough spots in a Disney trip, it is the happiest place on Earth, so how could you not want to go back? (And we did... in August 2015... eventually I will get to posting about that one!)
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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Disney Day 6 Part 2- Magic Kingdom

After the BBB experience, we spent the rest of the day in the Magic Kingdom. Because where else should a little princess spend her day?! And we of course had to start by riding the carousel... and we rode it multiple times. This girl loves the carousel! 
And then our little Belle spent some time doing Belle-like things... we went to story time with Belle so that she could meet Belle again, only this time, in her matching dress.
And then she stopped to pose for a picture with he Beast's castle in the background...
And then she waited in line to meet...
Gaston! Yes I think this might be the only time Belle has ever loved Gaston like this... I was actually nervous for her to meet him because of his character and I was worried she wouldn't 'get it' or respond well... but honestly, I think she was just so excited to be Belle. Gaston even made a joke that he knew Belle would come around one day... and clearly she did...
The rest of the day was spent riding some favorites and meeting more friends...
Another of Payton's favorite rides is Dumbo... and she will ride this one many times with anyone that she can convince to ride with her. I mean just look how happy she is on this ride!

She met Woody and Jesse...

And was really excited about them.
We also rode It's a Small World... with her favorite people.
She spun us around on the teacups...

And if you can't tell... rode Dumbo again. This time she got Ashleigh on with her.
And then our princess met other princesses...
And danced...
At the end of the night we saw the Main Street Electrical Parade... I took plenty of pictures but had to share this one of Dopey because he is my favorite..
And then we watched Wishes....

It was a great day/night in the Magic Kingdom, and the last park day with Sean and Ashleigh before they had to head home.
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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Two Months

I can't believe it has been two months since Ariana came into this world. And even more, I can't believe my time home with her is coming to an end. I am so sad about this! But luckily I timed my leave right where I go back for a week, then I am off for a week, then go back for a few and am off for another... then it is the long drag til summer break. But hopefully the breaks will help me adjust to being back to work. But enough about that.. onto Ariana's stats... 
Proud big sister
Sleep-  Ariana is finally sleeping great! She naps quite a bit during the day still and is sleeping through the night. I have been telling her since birth that she needed to get her act together by the time I went back to work and it seems she managed to do it just in the knick of time. She goes to bed for the night around 9:30-10. She EATS for the last time any time around 730-9pm but for some reason just does not settle. But it's ok for now. 
She was obsessed with showing her tummy
Daily Routine- Let's see... we wake up anywhere from 6-7am to eat. Then Ariana goes back to sleep until anywhere from 10-11 and eats again. After "lunch" she stays awake for a while but eventually crashes until eating again around 3. After this bottle is when she stays awake the longest, but still not the entire time between bottles. She will eat somewhere around 7:30 usually (sometimes later). She gets a bath and baby massage after her last bottle. Somewhere in the day we do tummy time, run errands, play, etc. 

Feeding- She is eating 5ounces every 4-5 hours (sometimes 6 hours) but then doesn't eat over night. She eats 5 times a day for a total of 25 ounces most days. Some days she won't finish her full bottle, but most days she does. 

birth- 8lbs 3oz... left the hospital at 7lbs 12oz... weight check at 5 days old was 7lbs 14ozWeight-
2 weeks- (which ended up being 2 weeks 6 days)... 8lbs 12oz!  (56th percentile)
1 month- She didn't have a one month appointment so my at home estimate is... 9lbs 3oz
2 months-10lbs 8oz (50th percentile)

birth- 20 inches just like her sister
2 weeks- 20.25 inches (40th percentile)
1 month- My guess would be 21 inches
2 months- 22.25 inches (50th percentile)

Diaper size- size 1s officially, even though the Huggies we have still seems slightly big.
Clothing size- well newborns for the most part are finally too small and I packed most of them away the other day. Sad face! I did keep a few out that run a little bigger because those still fit... 3 months are too big... 0-3 months some fits and some are too big... so she is just a mess... but a cute one.
There's the tummy again
Hair color-
birth- brown 
1 month- Still brown but, like her sister, Ariana is losing the patch of hair in the back of her head. She also has a lot less hair than Payton did and it is much thinner. She is also losing hair off the top... she is just a cute hot mess.
2 months- the little bit she has is brown... but there is not much there at all.

Eye color-
birth- blue/gray 
1 month- Still a very pretty blue/gray color. I love it. 
2 months- still the same... still holding out hope that they stay this way

Favorite toy/entertainment- She loves her little lamb lovey thay Payton bought her. She cuddles with it in her swing... which she also loves. She is also very obsessed with my black and white blanket. It is quite possibly her best friend! She smiles at it all the time. 

Nicknames- Baldilocks (given to her by Aunt Ashleigh), Chunks, sleepy head (Payton gave her that one), chunky monkey, Ari, chunker butt, stinka stinks, Ariana so big... 
Funniest moments- I am not sure if anything too funny has happened... if it has, I have forgotten due to exhaustion maybe.
Favorite moment- Any time she just looks at us and smiles... especially when she sees Payton. If she is awake when Payton gets home from school, she gets the biggest smile on her face. 

Milestones- Ariana definitely smiles with purpose quite often now. She has done it a lot for the past few weeks but now it is just so often I can't take it. The other night I told her it was bed time and she just looked at me with a big grin. I then told her I said bed time, not party time, and she got an even bigger smile. Her smiles are the best... even when I am exhausted... who can be worried about exhaustion when you get a big smile from this little girl?!
Best friends
First time rolling over from her belly 1/12
First time cooing 1/22
First cold ...which led to...
First visit to pediatric urgent care 1/24- her dr didn't want us waiting until Mon when they opened back up to get  her checked because of RSV going around and Payton having had strep and a double ear infection... and...
First time losing her voice
First time meeting her Godfather
First shots (outside the hospital) 1/29
Things Ariana hates- shots. Whoa did she hate her shots. Luckily I was smart and brought an ounce of milk for her to drink afterwards and she was instantly content. Smiling for the camera. The girl will smile all day and the minute we take out the camera, she stops. Keeping her darn headbands in!

Ariana- the past 2 months have flown by, and if there is anything I learned from your sister, it is that the time you are little bitty goes by way too fast. I wish I could keep you small forever, but I am so excited to see all your milestones and watch you grow (just not too fast). Even when you have your bad days (which, thankfully, isn't very often anymore) I can't imagine life without you in it. We are so lucky to have you!

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