Friday, January 23, 2015

Disney Day 1

As I said in our last post, we decided to shorten our Atlanta trip (as in, drive there, sleep, go to the game, sleep, head out) so we could go to Disney. So we headed out on June 29 (2013) to drive to Disney. My parents were driving from Memphis and meeting us there.

When driving to Disney there is nothing better than seeing this sign...
And then when finally arriving at your hotel. Pop Century is one of our favorite hotels. We always stay in the value hotels (with the exception of one week on our two week honeymoon) because honestly, in Disney, how much time do you spend in the hotel room? Not much really. And I would rather spend less on a hotel and be able to visit more often. That is just our opinion. There are advantages and disadvantages to all Disney hotels, but we enjoy the values, the theming, and the price.
Since we had spent the day in the car, we used this first day to explore the hotel and get Payton acquainted. Let me start by saying that she was afraid of the statue characters, which worried me for character meet and greets...

Payton and Nonny by the big wheel. Payton LOVED all the theming here!
Before visiting, we got Payton prepared by watching plenty of Disney movies. She really liked Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head (and we even bought her the Disney potato head pieces from Downtown Disney... which she loves). Hint for parents who want to purchase all the Potato Head pieces in Disney. Buy a potato head from any store at home. Then, get the "fill a box" box and fill it with all the accessories you want. OR we also found out that you can buy the single potato head from the store for (I think it was) $2. Each individual piece costs $2 (or thereabouts) so you could fill a box with all the little pieces and then get the potato for cheap. (This could have changed since we went but that was our experience.) I can't remember the price of the entire box, but you definitely don't want to waste precious space in that box with a big potato. 

Back to our trip...
And after all the exploring, we decided that since it was vacation, we were going to let Payton stay awake and enjoy herself. So we took her down to the pool. It was late. I didn't care. She had a ball!

I mean just LOOK at this cheese face!
And after all was said and done, and she swam her little heart out.... she slept. And she slept hard...

Up Next... Sea World- You can't take an animal loving 2 year old to Orlando and NOT go to Sea World.... and it may have been for mommy too :)

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Atlanta, Take 2

I am the worst mommy blogger ever! Seriously, I know this. I am making it my goal to get caught up... I am about 18 mos behind here. When Payton was 1, we went to Atlanta. You can see those posts here. I really enjoyed our trip to Atlanta, so we decided to go back in the summer of 2013. (That looks REALLY bad now that we are in 2015... I have GOT to get caught up.) The main reason we went is because of Chipper Jones retiring and his number/name being put on the wall.

So we planned our 5 day trip to Atlanta... but changed our plans. See, we decided that we would be SO CLOSE to Disney... why not shorten our trip to ATL and get to Disney for a little trip?! And that is exactly what we did... but before we get to the AMAZING Disney fun... Here is a little of our Atlanta trip...

Our hotel room- confession- it has been so long I have no recollection what hotel it is!
But Payton clearly enjoyed the large beds...
And the swimming pool!

Since we were only there for 2 days, there really wasn't much time to do anything. We were here for the Braves game, so off we went...

Chipper Jones!

Look at this cutie!

Ending the night with fireworks!
There really isn't much to show other than a bunch of baseball game pictures, which are not nearly as thrilling as Disney pictures.

Up next: Disney 2013 Day 1!!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

{Kinda} Wordless Wednesday- 2nd birthday and summer fun

I had full intentions of doing a real post for Payton's 2nd birthday and just doing KWW for the summer fun pics. But here we are at Wednesday and I have not blogged. So they are both getting thrown into this post.

The cake turned out so cute!

Birthday Banner that I made

The birthday girl and her friend James

Sharing cake with Auntie
Birthday kisses
In her new wagon with one of her animals. 
Make shift water slide 

Up next... Atlanta 2013

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Friday, August 1, 2014

My birthday at the zoo

Every year, we go to the zoo on or around my birthday. I am not sure why, but we just do. And 2013 was no exception.
Payton ready to go and Roscoe photo bombing
I honestly don't even know what they were looking at her but the picture is just too cute. 
Of course I would have a happy birthday with this girl by my side. :) 
One of our favorite things to do at the zoo is feed the giraffes. Remember from my Easter post, this child of mine LOVES to feed animals. She gets a kick out of the giraffes and their long tongues. Giraffes are one of her favorite animals (along with elephants and monkeys).
 We tried to take a picture but feeding the giraffes was more fun than posing.

Once that fun was over, we headed to find more animals. Look at the happiness on this girl's face. I will be shocked if she doesn't want to work with animals in some way when she is older. She can't get enough of them!
Then we went and had lunch in a little cafe that is right next to some monkeys. We always try to get a table right near the window because they often come up and interact with the people. We have always been lucky in getting one right when we walk in or by the time we get our food. And Payton LOVES this. This little guy came up constantly to play with Payton.
 When he left, she was a little concerned...
 But no worries because he came back!
 My whole world is in this next picture.
I have tons and tons of pictures from the zoo, but I am sure you don't want to see them all. This is sufficient.
Up next... Payton turns 2, summer fun, and a BIG trip!!!

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