Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Itty Bitty v2.0-- 13 weeks

Most people who read this will already know the news... but we have itty bitty v2.0 on the way! Here is how we announced it (earlier than planned because it was too hard to hide anymore thanks to the growing belly).

I think it turned out rather cute.

I realize I am still almost 2 years behind on updating about Payton's life... and my exhaustion is not making it easy to continue to update, but I am making it my goal to get somewhat caught up before this baby comes.

We are officially 13 weeks today and here are the updates...

Date: May 27, 2015
How far along: 13 weeks
Weight gain: My Dr. says 4 pounds. Which is better than I expected. I'll take it!
Sleep: Awful- I wake up 2-4 times a night anywhere between 2am and 4am. Sometimes I end up staying awake at about 4:30 and that makes for long days.
Best moment of the week: We are starting to come around to some names we both like. It has been rather difficult this time around. And of course finally hearing the heart beat. That first time always settles just a little bit of my nerves.
Movement: Nothing yet
Food cravings: Oranges, cherries, fruit in general I guess
Food aversions: Hamburger meat... can't eat burgers, can't eat tacos. I just looked back at my posts from Payton and saw that at one point she didn't like tacos either.
Gender: I honestly have no guesses at this point. Payton thinks it is a girl boy. (She changes her mind hourly.)
Maternity clothes: Yep. I gave up on regular pants. I need to be comfortable and I just wasn't in regular pants. Shirts I have some maternity that I am wearing and some that aren't. But I am mostly wearing maxi skirts and dresses which are not maternity and I will probably live in all summer.
Symptoms: EXHAUSTED always. And I get pretty sick most nights. Like useless. Hopefully that will start to get better soon.
What I miss: Normal sleep.
What I'm looking forward to: The end of the school year. I know this may not seem pregnancy related but believe me- it is. Teachers are tired at the end of the year even if they AREN'T pregnant. I am hoping that by the end of June I will gain some energy.
Weekly Wisdom: I don't have much wisdom this week.
Milestones: We are almost to the 2nd trimester. Payton is excited to become a big sister.

This week, the baby is the size of a peach. However, I feel like the size of a honeydew or other small melon. I feel huge! And it gets worse by the end of the day. I wake up in the morning and think, "hey, this isn't so bad, you don't look huge today..." and by the afternoon it's like "whoa hey whatcha got in there?!"

For proof, here is a morning and afternoon picture from last week...

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Delta Fest Sept. 2013

In September in Memphis they had a little carnival called Delta Fest. And we decided to take Payton since we knew she liked rides after having been in Disney. What I wasn't prepared for was my little girl riding the rides by herself! I was a little sad that she was big enough for this and a little scared that the crazy girl wouldn't stay sitting. But she proved me wrong and sat still for the rides, putting my nerves to rest...
Getting loaded in
Waving as I tell her to make sure she does not stand! 
Going down the slide with Daddy. She liked it but was terrified. 
No hands!
Again, no hands!
Feeding the animals

More rides with no hands! She is definitely taking after me here!
Playing a game
And her prize that she won all by herself!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Kinda, but not really, Wordless Wednesday- Pics that didn't make the first round

Since I wrapped up our Disney trip, I found some (mostly) cell phone pics that didn't make it into the regular posts that I wanted to share. These are unedited, nothing fancy, just want to share pictures...
Excited about the Shamu show
Payton learned quickly how to deal with the constant rain we always experience
She really liked the penguins at Sea World
Heading to the pool

Animal Kingdom

More rain... but a good day at AK
Look at the excitement about Donald!
A little Spaceship Earth fun! 
And some ice cream!
Talking to Goofy
Little Miss America on 4th of July- she LOOKS like she is posing and being a diva... she was actually having a fit... 
Love this picture
Long Disney days 
Soaking wet ground... because, of course, it poured this day too. 
Riding Dumbo- definitely one of her favorites (still) 
That time we beat Tim on Buzz...

Love this one too
When she FINALLY was brave enough to go meet a character by herself and my mom was the only one with her with only her cell phone! (The rest of us were on Space Mountain- thank goodness for cell phones with cameras!) 
She really liked Buzz..
Showing the Pooch all her autographs after we returned home. To this day she will look through her books and talk about the autographs. 
So, would I take a 2 year old to Disney again? Absolutely! Will she remember it? Not really..but we will. And for that, it is worth every penny and then some. She LOVED it. Yes, she had bad moments. Yes she got tired and cranky. Yes it rained (as it ALWAYS does when we are there). But we learned to deal with it and move along. You don't let a little rain stop you in Disney. I'll take a rainy day in Disney over any day at work!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Disney Day 7- Magic Kingdom

Well, we have made it to our last day of our first Disney trip (which happened almost 2 years ago...)

We saved the Magic Kingdom for last because we wanted to end at the best park for Payton and we knew we only had one day at each park. We decided at the end of the night that the next time we came to Disney we would do MK at LEAST twice. Once at the beginning and once at the end. I feel like I have to see Wishes right before leaving Disney. (Though on this trip it was the 4th of July show and not Wishes!)

If you look at this first picture, you can see how crazy busy it was. We knew it would be since it was 4th of July week. You can also see that it rained...of course. But it was our last day and we had to make the most of it. Starting with some castle pictures. Payton was less than thrilled. But I do like this one with her ears.
And the first ride at Magic Kingdom- the carousel of course. She loved it (and still does- we rode it MANY times on our last trip). 
And when she got off, Tim managed to snap some of the funniest facial expressions I have seen. You can see the look of pride and determination on this girl... like "Yeah, I'm big stuff, I rode that carousel, and I am ready for more rides!"

So we went on the Teacups... and I thought she wouldn't like it. But she did. She was even spinning us around herself.
And Dumbo... another fan favorite (still- I am pretty sure we went on this and the carousel a good 50 times on our last trip).

After the FIRST go around with Dumbo (we had fastpasses), she wanted to go again. The line wasn't too too long, so we waited. And since they have the awesome play area for while you are waiting, we decided to go in there with her. They give you a buzzer (think what you get at restaurants) and when it was your turn, it buzzed. Payton loved it. She will also tell you that she pooped here. And she did. And she remembers.
But look at this smile.
And by the time we got back on, it was pouring. OF COURSE. I had high hopes to get a picture of Tim and Payton on the ride (in the air) however, the rain was not allowing it, so this was the best I could do before I had to put the camera away.
Later on, we saw the parade. I took plenty of pictures, but this one just makes me so happy. She was LOVING it and waving to all the characters. And any time anyone waved back she got so excited.
It was then time for  Mickey Bar. Everyone who has had a Mickey bar knows the look of happiness that Payton has in this picture.

Earlier in the day, my mom took Payton to meet Buzz while the rest of us want on Space Mountain- of course the ONE time there is no camera around, Payton FINALLY walked up to Buzz by herself, and took a pic alone. Luckily my mom did snap it on her phone. Later on, we decided to take a "break" at one point and Chip and Dale were out dancing in the crowd. We walked over to let Payton look and lo and behold she went right up there to dance.
And I took far too many pictures and video. And almost cried. Literally friends. It was the sweetest thing and to see her so excited and not shy. Too much!
And all of a sudden she was an old pro at meeting characters...

This next picture is another one we have made a tradition now. We took a picture here when we got engaged, so now we add Payton to the picture.
And at the end of the night we saw the Electrical Parade and fireworks.

But the night wasn't over. It was late, but Payton was going strong. Yes, I let my 2 year old stay up well past her bed time. Yes I let her sleep in her stroller if she crashed. And yes, it was worth it. Since she was still raring to go, we went on a couple more rides before heading out and ending the trip. Firs up- Small World. You can see my niece's feelings on the ride...
We also rode the carousel again (I think a couple times)... look at her face in this next one!
We rode Winnie the Pooh as well and then walked around a bit. At this point, it was just the 3 of us. It was nice to just walk around. And apparently Payton thought so too since she finally crashed.

Until next time Disney!

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